Package loading data campaigns
from Yandex.Direct to Google Analytics

Package loading data service allows you to upload the package of cost data and other data to Google Analytics.

Export cost data from Yandex.Direct service allows you to export cost data from Yandex.Direct to Google Analytics automatycally. You need to connect accounts only.

High-detail data

Cost data details can be uploaded up to a keyword.

Limited free usage does not charge for use the service to upload expenditure statistics for a small client. If you would like to use our service as a big client, please, contact

How it works

  • Create an account in system easily, you need to fill email and password only.
  • Select Data Source (Yandex ot CSV-file).
  • Select campaigns and settings.
  • Select Google Analytics account to upload the data.
  • Done. You can check upload's statistics.
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